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The following downloads are currently available from this site:

A command line copy utility which allows files to be copied to and from FTP servers. It uses the same core engine as Web Site Publisher, but is controlled via the command line instead of a GUI.
A command line utility which displays messages to standard-out much like the standard echo command but without automatically adding a newline.
A command line utility that extends the functionality of the traditional ping command to include pinging of ports, pinging of http servers as well as other extensions.
A command line utility that extends the pause command, providing a timeout - pause with timeout.
Web Site Publisher
Web Site Publisher is possibly the quickest and easiest way to publish a web site to the web. Once a web site has been published it only uploads updates and changes to the server, making it a very fast means to update a website.
Web Page Tune Up
Web Page Tune Up is a utility for analysing and improving individual web pages. This is specifically aimed at improving the search engine ranking of a page. (No longer under development.)

Unless otherwise stated these utilities run under MS-Windows 9x/ME and NT/W2K/XP, Vista, Win7. These are all freeware and provided 'as-is' with no warranty. If you do encounter a problem then please email support@cryer.co.uk, quoting the software and the nature of the problem, and we will do our best to help.