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CryEcho is a free command line utility which displays a message to standard-out, but without automatically adding a newline. It is intended for use in batch files. CryEcho is echo without a newline.

CryEcho provides similar functionality to the command line echo command, but with the following differences:

It is the ability to display messages without adding a newline which sets CryEcho apart from the standard echo command. This indeed was the  reason for producing it.

System Requirements

CryPing has been tested on Microsoft Windows 2008 server, Windows 2003 server, Windows 7 and Vista. It should run on all versions of Microsoft Windows, but has not yet been tested on other versions.


To download a zip of the executable click here: download CryEcho.zip

All you need to do to use the utility is to un-zip it. You can either run it directly (i.e. place it in the same folder from which it is to be used) or place it somewhere in the path.

More Information

For more information please refer to one of the following pages:


CryEcho is supplied as-is with no warrantees or fitness for purpose. However, should you have any questions or problems then limited support may be obtained by emailing the author care of support@cryer.co.uk.