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PauseWithTimeout is a simple command line utility that extends the DOS/Windows pause command to allow a timeout to be added (in seconds). It literally is a command line pause with timeout.

PauseWithTimeout asks the user to "Press any key to continue . . .", showing also a count down timeout (in seconds). To continue the user needs to either press a key (the same functionality as the DOS/Windows pause command) or wait for the count down timer to expire. This allows a batch/command script to exit either once the user has responded or after a suitable delay.

System Requirements

PauseWithTimeout has been tested on MS-Windows 7, 2008 (server), Vista, 2003 (server), XP and 2000. It should run on all versions of Windows, but has not yet been tested on other versions.


To download a zip of the executable click here: download PauseWithTimeout.zip

All you need to do to use the utility is to unzip it. You can either run it directly (i.e. place it in the same folder from which it is to be used) or place it somewhere in the path.


PauseWithTimeout without any arguments shows how it should be used:

    PauseWithTimeout n
where n is the number of seconds to wait before continuing
PauseWithTimeout is produced by www.cryer.co.uk.

When supplied with a number of seconds PauseWithTimeout will wait until either that number of seconds has elapsed (with a countdown) or until the user presses any key on the keyboard. For example:

C:\>PauseWithTimeout 120
Press any key to continue . . . 106


PauseWithTimeout is supplied as-is with no warrantees or fitness for purpose.

Limited support may be obtained by emailing the author care of support@cryer.co.uk.

Windows Vista (and subsequent versions of Windows) incorporate the command "Timeout" which can be used interchangeably with PauseWithTimeout. If you work exclusively with Vista or later then the Timeout command is likely to be sufficient, if you need to work with Windows XP or earlier then PauseWithTimeout will be what you need.