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CryCopy is a command line utility that provides much the same functionality as Web Site Publisher. Both of these utilities share the same core "engine", the main differences are the interface and some functionality around the interface. For example Web Site Publisher manages configuration information for each "web site" that it helps maintain, but CryCopy has no concept of a "web site". This "management" information must instead by supplied on the command line.

Key features of CryCopy:

CryCopy was originally developed as a backup utility (as once an copy of a drive has been made CryCopy is extremely efficient in keeping that copy up to date as it only copies what has changed and can delete what is no longer needed) and is still used in this role in several companies.


This utility has an expiry date. It cannot be used after the expiry date. Please download a new copy before then. The reason it has an expiry date is because there is some internal discussion about the merit of charging for this tool since it is used commercially by a number of companies, although this is unlikely. 


To download a zip of the executable click here: download cryping.zip

All you need to do to use the utility is to un-zip it. You can either run it directly (i.e. place it in the same folder from which it is to be used) or place it somewhere in the path. There is no uninstall, to remove simply delete the executable.

More Information

For more information please refer to one of the following pages:


CryCopy is supplied as-is with no warrantees or fitness for purpose. However, should you have any questions or problems then limited support may be obtained by emailing the author care of support@cryer.co.uk.