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Oracle Troubleshooting

The problems summarised on this page have been divided into two categories:

  1. Numbered Errors - those errors that have an error number associated with them.
  2. Symptomatic Problems - those errors that do not have an error number associated with them.

Everything on these pages represents a problem that I have previously encountered and the solution at that time. I believe the information to be complete and correct, but if you find any errors or omissions then please let me know (

Because every system is different, please review the advice on these pages carefully. My experience of Oracle is limited to Windows NT - there may be differences on other platforms. If in doubt, Oracle support should always be regarded as the final authority for any problem.

Oracle Numbered Errors

Note: Some TNS related errors may be reported as ‘TNS-nnnnn’ rather than ‘ORA-nnnnn’. This seems to vary according to the tool that is reporting the error. They are listed above according to how I first encountered the error.

I also have a small collection of errors that I've either not had time to write up or have not been able to investigate thoroughly. My notes for these are available here: "Other errors"

Oracle Symptomatic Problems

This page represents one page of many pages of notes I made whilst working with Oracle 7 through to 10i. I now no longer work with Oracle databases, but hope that these notes will continue to be of benefit to others.

About the author: is a dedicated software developer and webmaster. For his day job he develops websites and desktop applications as well as providing IT services. He moonlights as a technical author and consultant.