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Recommended Oracle Links

The following links are to sites that I have found useful and am therefore happy to recommend:
ITtoolbox Oracle Knowledge Base
Content, community, and service for Oracle professionals. Providing technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news, and much more.
Home page of The Oracle Underground Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List. Provides a range of good and independent information on Oracle products.
Oracle Technology Network. The search engine is useful for finding information, although some of the pages it leads to will require an Oracle Technology Network account to access (but its free to register).
Oracle Architecture and Key Metrics, from Wilson Mar.
Oracle Documentation. The place to go to find documentation on the latest and recent releases of Oracle.
Site containing a wide range of tips and answers to various Oracle problems. Well worth a look.
Company offering consultancy and training, but they also have a wealth of information that will help in understanding how Oracle works and thus how to get more out of it.
BGS Software Oracle Database Tools. Provide Intuitive and friendly tools with Hi-End Graphic User Interface, Flexible and Configurative, Easy to Install and Remove. Also provide a number of useful scripts.

This page represents one page of many pages of notes I made whilst working with Oracle 7 through to 10i. I now no longer work with Oracle databases, but hope that these notes will continue to be of benefit to others.

About the author: is a dedicated software developer and webmaster. For his day job he develops websites and desktop applications as well as providing IT services. He moonlights as a technical author and consultant.