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North American Search Engines

American Search Engines

www.activesearchresults.com Spider Active Search Results (ASR) is an independent Internet Search Engine using a proprietary page ranking technology. ASR has its own spiders visiting Web sites daily that are submitted to ASR and crawlers that index other popular Web sites on the Internet. Active Search Results does not depend on nor utilize any other search engines or directories for its search results. All search results are contained within Active Search Results' indexes and databases. Add URL
www.altavista.com Spider AltaVista - United States.
www.azoos.com Spider Paid search engine. Add URL may charge
www.bing.com Spider Bing (formerly MSN search) from Microsoft.  
www.dmoz.org Human reviewers Human edited. No spidering. Also known as the "Human Directory Project" Add URL
www.findit-quick.com Predominantly a paid listing search engine. Provides option to search Dmoz or other engines instead of its own paid directory.  Add URL may charge
www.findthatfile.com   FindThatFile aims to provide the most comprehensive file search on the Internet. Including FTP, Usenet and P2P resources. They cover Add URL
www.google.com Spider Very popular search engine. The interface can be tailored to one of a wide range of international languages. (See www.google.com/language.html for more details.) Add URL
www.jayde.com Describes itself as a B2B search engine. Add URL
www.kanoodle.com Kanoodle covers both America and Europe.  
www.lycos.com Spider Add URL
www.raging.com An AltaVista search engine. Claims to be the world's largest video search engine.
www.scrubtheweb.com   Add URL may charge
www.searchgalore.com Human reviewers Add URL may charge
www.yahoo.com Human reviewers Yahoo - United States.

Canadian Search Engines

http://ca.yahoo.com Yahoo - Canada.
http://www.bing.com/?cc=ca Bing, Canada. Search engine from Microsoft.
www.altavista.ca Spider AltaVista - Canada. This site is in English, but provides a link to the French version of the same site.

It claims to only include sites in its index which are either hosted within Canada or have a ‘.ca’ domain name.

www.mardox.com Human reviewers Directory based search engine. Allows individual pages (not sites) to be submitted, which remain in their index for one week unless you pay to keep them in permanently Add URL may charge

Mexican Search Engines

http://mx.yahoo.com Yahoo - Mexico. Site in Spanish.
http://prodigy.msn.com MSN - Mexico. Site in Spanish. Search powered by Bing.

All submissions are reviewed by human editors.
Search spider. Will search most or all of a site not just the page that was added to its index.
$ These sites charge to add a site to their index or may charge to improve the ranking of a site.

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