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European Search Engines

Austrian Search Engines

http://at.altavista.com AltaVista, Austria.
http://search.msn.at MSN - Austria.

Belgium Search Engines

search.fr.msn.be MSN - Belgium (French). Site in French.
search.msn.be MSN - Belgium (Dutch). Site in Dutch.

Denmark Search Engines

dk.altavista.com AltaVista - Denmark.
dk.yahoo.com Yahoo - Denmark
search.msn.dk MSN - Denmark.
www.infoseek.de Infoseek - Denmark

Europe wide

www.gasta.com Gasta.
www.exactresult.com Provides European, American or Latin-American search.
www.euroseek.com European search engine. Site supports a multitude of different languages. Maintains its own categorised listing of sites, but relies on Google for most of its search results.
www.ezilon.com  Human reviewers European Union International Search Engine and Directory. Emphasis on Western Europe. Add URL
www.searcheurope.com Search engine and directory dedicated to Europe and everything European.

Finland Search Engines

search.msn.fi MSN - Finland

French Search Engines

http://fr.altavista.com AltaVista - France. Site in French.
http://fr.yahoo.com Yahoo - France.
www.bing.com/?cc=fr Bing - France, but site in English.
www.excite.fr. Excite - France
www.voila.fr Spider Voila. French search engine. Site in French.

German Search Engines

http://de.altavista.com AltaVista Germany. Site in German.
http://de.yahoo.com Yahoo Germany. Site in German.
http://search.msn.de MSN Germany. Site in German.
www.acoon.de Acoon. Site in German.
www.de.overture.com Overture German. Site in German.
www.excite.de Excite Germany. Site in German.
www.fireball.de German search engine. Mostly in German. Add URL
www.lycos.de Lycos Germany. Site in German.
www.quarx.de Quarx. Site in German. (Uses Acoon.)
www.reise-fritz.de Travel related search engine. Site in German.
www.tolle-shops.de Shopping related search engine. Site in German.

Irish Search Engines

ie.altavista.com AltaVista Ireland
www.discoverireland.net Discover Ireland Directory. A wide ranging Irish only directory listing everything relevant to visitors and inhabitants of Ireland alike. Categories covering Art, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Accommodation, Travel, Business and Services. Add URL

Italian Search Engines

it.altavista.com AltaVista - Italy. Site in Italian.
it.yahoo.com Yahoo - Italy
www.dive3000.com/search Italian search engine, although the site itself is also available in German, French and English.

The search defaults to a site search, so be sure to select whether to search the site or the web.

Submissions are free, and are subject to a periodic manual check.

www.excite.it Excite - Italy

Maltese Search Engines

www.searchmalta.com Maltese Search Portal.


http://nl.altavista.com AltaVista - Netherlands.
http://search.msn.nl MSN - Netherlands.


no.altavista.com AltaVista - Norway.
no.yahoo.com Yahoo - Norway
search.msn.no MSN - Norway

Spanish Search Engines

http://es.yahoo.com Yahoo - Spain
http://espanol.yahoo.com Yahoo - Spanish. Site in Spanish.
http://search.msn.es MSN - Spain. Site in Spanish.
www.excite.es Excite - Spain
www.webgenio.com Spanish search engine. Site in Spanish.


http://se.altavista.com AltaVista - Sweden. Site in Swedish.
http://se.yahoo.com Yahoo - Sweden
http://search.msn.se MSN - Sweden. Site in Swedish.


ch.altavista.com AltaVista - Switzerland.
search.fr.msn.ch MSN - Switzerland (French). Site in French.
search.msn.ch MSN - Switzerland (German). Site in German.
www.excite.ch Excite - Switzerland
www.furttalweb.ch FurttalWeb.ch - The Swiss Search Engine With The Best Links (Furttal,
Zurich, Switzerland, World). Site language switchable between German and English.
www.search.ch The Swiss Search Engine

United Kingdom Search Engines

uk.altavista.com AltaVista - UK. Add URL
uk.yahoo.com Yahoo - UK, Ireland or all of Yahoo.
www.ask.co.uk Spider Ask Jeeves search UK.  
www.britindex.co.uk Human reviewers Site contains only UK sites or sites considered of relevance to the UK. Add URL
www.click4choice.co.uk Human reviewers Web directory. Their rules for submitting sites to the directory are that the sites must be in England or Europe - but it also contains a number of American sites.
www.gasta.co.uk Gasta UK.
www.gofindit4.me.uk UK specific search engine. Free listings. Add URL
www.google.co.uk Spider Similar to the main www.googe.com site, but with a bias towards bringing back UK specific pages. Allows the search to be restricted to pages from the UK.
www.hutsy.co.uk   UK meta search engine and directory.  
www.kellysearch.co.uk   B2B search engine.  
www.lycos.co.uk Spider Lycos - UK.  
www.thesearchbrain.co.uk Human reviewers European Directory & Search Engine, since 2001.

All human edited, No Adult or Illegal content allowed.

www.ukwizz.com spider Search Engine and Directory, including only UK sites.  
All submissions are reviewed by human editors.
spider Search spider. Will search most or all of a site not just the page that was added to its index.
$ These sites charge to add a site to their index or may charge to improve the ranking of a site.

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