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Other Search Engines

These are search engines that either do not fit under a regional category or which have not yet been catalogued by region.

www.findthatfile.com   FindThatFile.com provide file search across the Internet. Supporting PDFs, Documents, Audio, Video, compressed files, fonts and other file types. Searching across Web, FTP, Usenet, Metalink and P2P. Add URL
www.gigablast.com - Search engine and web directory. Add URL 
www.lyricsnmusic.com - Lyric and Music search engine.
LYRICSnMUSIC.com provides Lyrics, YouTube, Wiki, Images/Artwork iTunes/Amazon MP3, and Concert dates on a simple page.

Uncategorized Search Engines

These are search engines that are awaiting categorizing.

search.msn.co.za MSN - South Africa.
www.searchhippo.com Spider Search Hippo. Uses a shallow spider. Must create an account (currently free) to be able to add listings. Add URL

All submissions are reviewed by human editors.
Search spider. Will search most or all of a site not just the page that was added to its index.
$ These sites charge to add a site to their index or may charge to improve the ranking of a site.

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