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Loc8 Code

Loc8 Code
The postcode system used for Ireland.

The Loc8 code is an eight character alphanumeric code which is based on geographic coordinates. It is written as:


Loc8 codes identify the position of a point to within ±6 meters.

The first letter of the Loc8 specified a pre-defined 90km square in Ireland. The second two characters (which can be letters or numbers) defines an approximate 3.5km square within that area. The next 2 characters define an even smaller square and together with the next 2 define the area down to meter resolution. The final character is a check digit/letter, which is used to validate that the Loc8 code is valid - the idea being that a change to any one digit will most likely invalidate the check digit.

Each address in Ireland has a Loc8 code. The Loc8 code does not replace the address, but is complementary to it. Adjacent properties (in urban areas) are likely to share the same Loc8 code. The advantage of a Loc8 code over a traditional postcode is that the Loc8 code xxx

Prior to its release Loc8 code was formerly known as PON code.

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