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Suggest a Link to include in the Glossary

Use this form to suggest a new relevant link against one of the terms already in the glossary.


  1. This form is for relevant glossary links only.
  2. If the term you are adding a link against is not included in the glossary then your submission will be treated as spam and ignored. If you wish to add a new term which is not already in the glossary then please instead visit this page to add a term.
  3. All submissions are reviewed by a human editor and therefore it may be days or weeks before the link appears in the glossary - if at all.
  4. It is entirely at the editors discretion whether to include a link. Criteria will include the relevancy of the link and how much new value the link adds compared with any links already added. It is possible therefore that a submitted link will not be accepted or that it may cause one of the existing links to be removed.
This is the term against which you are submitting a link. This must be a term that is already in the glossary.
Relevant links:
Please enter one related link (URL) per line. You may include after each link a brief description if the link warrants one (any description will be subject to editorial review).
(Optional) Acknowledgement:    (Optional) URL:
If you would like an acknowledgement (i.e. your name or company name) to appear next to the link in the glossary then please enter it here. You also have the option to associate a URL with your acknowledgement (please be aware that URLs will not be accepted without a name being supplied to acknowledge).