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Use this form to submit a new term for the glossary. To submit a new term you must provide a name for the term and its definition. You may also provide relevant links if you wish, but this optional.


  1. All submissions are reviewed by a human editor and therefore it may be days or weeks before the term appears in the glossary if at all.
  2. Any definitions which are later found to be in breach of copyright will be removed from the glossary.
  3. No anonymous submissions will be accepted. This form will send the information via your e-mail system. This is for audit trail purposes only. Your e-mail will not appear in the glossary or anywhere on the website. If this form is incompatible with your e-mail system then please copy the contents of this form and e-mail it to glossary@cryer.co.uk.
This can be a word, phrase or an abbreviation.
Please ensure that your definition is unique (i.e. normally your own words) or that you have permission of the copyright holder if you are copying the definition from elsewhere.
(Optional) Related links:
Please enter one related link (URL) per line. You may include after each link a brief description if the link warrents one.
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If you would like an acknowledgement (i.e. your name or company name) to appear next to the definition in the glossary then please enter it here. You can include a URL with your acknowledgement.