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1. To zip a file is to compress a file (or folder) using lossless compression. Correspondingly, to unzip a file is to decompress the file.
2. Zone Improvement Plan. A US postal service code used to facilitate the delivery of mail to the correct location. Where each delivery area is assigned a different code.

Many other countries use similar schemes (details are obviously very different) using a code to indicate the area that post needs to be delivered. Elsewhere these are typically referred to as postcodes.

A zip code was originally a five digit number, where the first three digits indicated the state or area within a state and the last two digits a specific postal delivery zone. This was later expanded by four digits to become known as ZIP + 4, with the first two additional digits indicating a postal sector and the last two a postal segment.

Normally abbreviated to ZIP, ZIP +4 (see above) or ZIP code.

3. A fastening device. Known in British-English as a zip but in US-English as a zipper.