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XML Schema Definition.

XSD is used to define the schema for an XML document. It is a more flexible way of doing this than using a DTD file.

An XSD specifies for an XML document:

  • the types of XML elements that can be used.
  • the attributes for those XML elements.
  • what child XML elements each XML element can have (if any).
  • the order of any child elements.
  • data types and attributes for XML elements (including any default values).

An XSD file will have a .xsd file extension.

Whilst XSDs formally defining the structure of an XML document, they are typically used to:

  • Allow an XML document to be validated (against the XSD).
  • Assist in the importing of XML data into database systems.
  • Provide a means of defining data objects that can be used in data exchange between systems.

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