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Troubleshooting various Windows problems

The Windows related problems listed below are problems that I have previously encountered and the solution found at that time. I believe the information to be complete and correct, but if you find any errors or omissions then please let me know (

These troubleshooting notes have been divided up according to which version of windows they refer to (or the version of Windows I was using when I first encountered the problem):

Windows (all versions)

Windows 7

See also Troubleshooting Windows 2003 and subsequent troubleshooting notes.

Windows 2003 Server

See also Troubleshooting Windows XP.

Windows XP

See also Troubleshooting Windows 2000.

Windows 2000

See also Troubleshooting Windows NT.

Windows NT

These notes may also apply to Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Recommended Links
SysInternals provides various utilities for Windows, many of which are invaluable when troubleshooting.
Excellent reference site for looking up event log entries and some other errors.

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