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Remote Desktop Control Software Selection Wizard

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Your Responses

You have provided the following answers to the remote desktop control selection wizard:

  1. Thinking about the computer that you want to remotely control, what operating system does it run?

    You answered: "Windows (any version)"

  2. Thinking about the computer that you want to remotely control, is it protected by a firewall?

    You answered: "It is connected directly to the internet, but is not protected by a firewall"

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For your own security you should install a firewall before you consider using a remote desktop control product. Click here to view a range of software firewalls.

Reasons Why

Connecting your computer to the internet without the protection of a firewall is dangerous. It means you have no protection against others connecting to your computer without your knowledge and consent. It also means that your computer is open to infection by many viruses, which take advantage of open ports and can infect your pc without you even running anything.

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