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List of File Types

This list of file types sets out to answer the common question "What is a file of type .x?" or "What is that file extension for?"

A file type is denoted by those letters that follow the last dot in a file name. These letters denote the type of file, and are also commonly known as a file extension. On Windows PCs the file extension may be hidden by Windows, but is still part of the file name.

This list of file types contains a list of file extensions together with a brief description of the type of file that the extension is associated with. Where known, relevant links to external resources are also provided for each file type, such as file format information and applications that can open and work with each file type.

For performance reasons this index has been split into separate sections, each indexed by the first letter of the file extension:

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Do you know any file types not in this index? If so then please e-mail details of these to feedback@cryer.co.uk.