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Other Lists of File Types

If you cannot find your file extension in this reference then the following other on-line reference sites might be able to help - but please let us know by emailing feedback@cryer.co.uk and we will do our best to research the missing file type:

File Types Explained At, the information repository dedicated to file types. This site is devoted to file types, is searchable or you can browse through the file type repository.
File Extension Seeker, a meta-search engine for file extensions. Provides a search across many different file extension lists on the internet. Also http://file-extension.net provides a good list of different sites on the net that provide file format information.
DotWhat.net, a site dedicated to providing detailed information on file extensions, covering mainly (but not exclusively) Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
Sharpened File Extensions reference. Searchable list of file extensions, including how to open files.
Wotsit's Format - Programmers resource. For every file format listed it provides a link (many of which are offsite) to additional information. If you need more detailed information about a file format then this is possibly the first place to visit.
Large and useful resource for file formats information and file associations. They also have a good resources section.
A popular file extension library.

If you are trying to identify the purpose of a particular file (and not just the file type) the the following resource may be of help:

Windows process library. Lists many of the windows processes which can be found running on Windows systems.

To report any errors or omissions please e-mail feedback@cryer.co.uk.