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CryPing: Release History

June 2010 - v1.6
Added the ability to ping NNTP, SMTP and POP3 servers..
January 2009 - v1.5
Some cosmetic tidying up of messages.

Removed an unnecessary library resulting in a smaller executable.

September 2008 - v1.4
Bug fix: TCP/IP ping now works on Windows Vista.

Bug fix: When pinging a specific port and failing the failure now shows the port as well as the address.

April 2008 - v1.3
Bug fix: The date stamp was previously missing (when using the -d flag) if the ping request timed out.
February 2008 -v1.2
Combining the -p flag with -http now allows CryPing to ping an http server on a port other than port 80.
January 2008 - v1.1
First public release.
October 2005 - v1.0
First developed for internal use.