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How to list all email addresses

The simplest way to list all email (SMTP) addresses is to use the Exchange Management Shell:

  1. Start Exchange Management Shell
  2. Enter:

    get-recipient -resultsize unlimited | select name -expand emailaddresses

    For example:

    [PS] C:Windows\system32>get-recipient -resultsize unlimited | select name -expand emailaddresses

    this will generate a lot of output (depending on the number of email addresses you have in your system), so it may be more convenient to pipe the output to a file:

    get-recipient -resultsize unlimited | select name -expand emailaddresses > c:\emailaddresses.txt

The above will list all the email addresses, but if you only want the primary email address of each account then use:

get-recipient -resultsize unlimited | select name, primarysmtpaddress

The primary email address is the address that emails appear to come from. Each account can have other email addresses associated with it, those are the email addresses that the account receives on.

These notes have been tested with Exchange Server 2010.

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