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Exchange 2010 Terminology - A glossary of terms for Exchange 2010

This glossary includes the terms and abbreviations that I have encountered whilst working with Exchange 2010.

Client Access Server. The server placed in the DMZ or perimeter of the network, which is internet facing and accessible externally.
Exchange Control Panel.

ECP can be found in ECM under Server Configuration > Client Access > "Exchange Control Panel" pane.

Edge Transport Server
An Exchange server which resides in the DMZ and is used for routing of incoming and outgoing emails. The Edge Transport Server is typically not part of the Active Directory, although it may have a read-only snapshot. If the server has the edge transport role then it cannot have any other exchange roles.
Exchange Management Console. EMC is a GUI for managing Exchange. Most but not all features are available from the EMC and for the the EMS must be used.
Exchange Management Shell. The EMS provides a command-line interface to configuring Exchange.
Offline Address Book.
Outlook Anywhere
Allows users to connect to their Exchange mailbox when out of the office without the need to establish a VPN connection.
Receive Connector
The connection configuration used to receive incoming emails.

Receive connectors are found in ECM under Organization-Configuration > Server-Configuration > Hub-Transport > Receive-connectors

There are 5 roles in Exchange 2010:
  • Mailbox Server - hosts mailboxes and public folders.
  • Client Access Server - provides client facing functionality, so POP3, IMPA4, HTTPS, outlook web access.
  • Unified Messaging Server.
  • Hub Transport Server - provides mail routing inside the Exchange organisation.
  • Edge Transport Server - provides mail routing into and out from the Exchange organisation.

Each Exchange server will satisfy one or more of these roles.

Send Connector
The connection configuration used to send outgoing emails. There must be at least one send connector for the server to send emails. If some emails need to be routed to a specific server or via a particular service then there will be more than one send connector.

Send connectors are found in EMC under Organization-Configuration > Hub Transport > Send-Connectors

Needless to say, this glossary may not be complete ... 

These notes have been tested with Exchange Server 2010.

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