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Site Policies

Site Policies

The www.cryer.co.uk site operates under the following policies.

  1. Content.

    Unique. All content on the www.cryer.co.uk site is written specifically for the www.cryer.co.uk website. The only exception to this are quotations, which we do our best to indicate as such and to correctly attribute.

    Copyright. All the content on the www.cryer.co.uk website is copyright unless explicitly indicated otherwise. Requests to reproduce content found on the www.cryer.co.uk website will be considered and are usual granted.

    Copyright also covers all the examples and illustrations-of-use used on the www.cryer.co.uk site. However the reader is encouraged to use and build upon any examples provided. License is therefore given for the use of any code or examples in any derived work provided a citation is included which refers to the original work.

  2. Advertising

    The www.cryer.co.uk site is supported by paid advertising and the occasional gift donation.

    Advertising generally takes the forms of banners, but may include other forms of advertising. It is intended that advertising is distinguishable from the page content.

    Advertising opportunities. If you would like to discuss advertising opportunities on this site then please contact the webmaster (for contact links see about www.cryer.co.uk).

  3. Links

    Value. Links on the website are added where these are believed to add value to the visitor. Many links will take a visitor to an external site, but only where it is felt that the external site provides genuinely helpful information. Since sites do change over time, it is possible that some links no longer point to useful sites and these are removed when we become aware of them.

    Links and Advertising. Where links are used for advertising purposes these will be indicated as such. Such links may be annotated, may include the advertiser's logo or may simply be by tagging in the HTML with rel=nofollow. It is the policy of www.cryer.co.uk that advertising is shown as advertising and not disguised as content.

    Link exchanges. Link exchanges of any type are not welcome. Link exchanges are treated as a form of spam and are not entered into.

These policies were last updated August 2012, and are subject to occasionally reviewed and clarification.