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Weather Feeds

Sites on the internet that provide weather information - either in a browser or for incorporation into a website. Sites providing on-line weather tend to cover only certain areas of the globe, and accordingly location is emphasised in the following table:

Site On-line weather Weather Feeds
Free Paid
http://uk.weather.com United Kingdom No Yes
www.metoffice.gov.uk United Kingdom No Yes
www.netweather.tv United Kingdom No

They do operate a referral system, which .earn a discount on the subscription, ultimately even covering the subscription cost.

www.anythingweather.com United States No Yes
www.weather.com United States No Yes
www.wunderground.com US by default

Also provides weather information for (much of) the rest of the world.


To incorporate weather onto your website look for "Weather Stickers".



United States

City forecasts organised by name.


Weather for a specific US city - specified at creation time by ZIP code, or city and state.

http://netweather.accuweather.com United States

Plus many international locations. Certainly includes many towns in England.

Yes No
The URL of the site.
On-line weather
Indicates which geographic regions the site provides on-line weather for, i.e. if you were to visit the site which areas could you look up weather information for.
Weather Feeds
Whether the site provides a service to allow you to incorporate the weather into your website, plus whether they provide a free service or a paid subscription one. Where a site provides both a free and a subscription service you can be sure that the subscription service will be a much better offering than the free one.

If you know of other sites that provide weather information available for webmasters to use (either free or paid) that you would like to see listed on this page then please e-mail: feedback@cryer.co.uk.