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Remote Desktop Control Software Selection Wizard

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Your Responses

You have provided the following answers to the remote desktop control selection wizard:

  1. Thinking about the computer that you want to remotely control, what operating system does it run?

    You answered: "Windows (any version)"

  2. Thinking about the computer that you want to remotely control, is it protected by a firewall?

    You answered: "There is no firewall between the computer to be controlled and the computer that it is to be controlled from and they are both on the same local area network" or "The computer is protected by a firewall and I can configure it to allow access."

  3. Do you want (or are you likely to want) to be able to control the computer from across the internet?

    You answered: "Yes, I do want to be able to control the computer across the internet or may have a future need."

  4. Does the PC to be controlled have an internet accessible name (i.e. can it be referenced by a DNS name or fixed IP address)?

    You answered: "Yes, it can be referenced by DNS name or fixed IP address."

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You should look at using either VNC or Remote Desktop Connection (RDC).

If the computer to be controlled is running Windows XP or Windows 2000/2003 server then RDC would be marginally better, otherwise use VNC.

Reasons Why

  1. VNC will run under any version of windows. (RDC will run under Windows XP or 2000/2003 server.)
  2. GoToMyPC would also work in this scenario, but both VNC and RDC should give better performance.


You will need to forward the appropriate ports on your router/firewall to the computer to be controlled. Details of the necessary ports can be found by consulting the review for VNC or RDC.

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