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Review of WebSiteSource

WebsiteSource.com was established in 1998. They provide shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. All in all, they provide a good comprehensive service.

The information below is based on their basic package. Whilst it is believed to be correct, the features included in their basic package are likely to change over time so please treat this information as a guide and check before signing up.

URL: WebsiteSource.com
Basic package: Their basic package is their "All in one plan", this is on a shared server. They provide other shared server plans and the main differences between these are the storage and data transfer limits.
Starting price: $9.97/month, dropping to $6.85/month if you sign up and pay for 2 years in advance. Prices correct when last checked, but prices change so please check before signing up.
Geographical location: Austin, Texas, USA.
Domain registration: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us
You do not need to register your domain through them or transfer your domain to them in order to use their hosting services. So, whilst you couldn't order (or manage) a .co.uk domain through them, you could host it with them.
Virtual Private Server: $ Not included in basic package but available as an option.
Dedicated Server: $ Not included in basic package but available as an option.
Data transfer: 50 GB/month. Option to pay for additional data transfer.
Bandwidth: Unrestricted.
Web space: 5000 MB. Option to pay for additional space.
Max websites per hosting account: 4. This enables you to host up to 4 websites whilst only paying for one hosting account. The websites will share the same pool of resources, e.g. webs space, data transfer etc.
POP3: 1000 pop-3 e-mail accounts. 100MB e-mail quota, which is separate from your web space quota.
Web based e-mail: Yes E-mail can be accessed via a browser.
SMTP: Yes 
Sub-domains: Yes Unlimited.
IP address: Shared IP address, but this can be changed to a dedicated IP at no extra cost. If you host more than one website and want each one to have a dedicated IP address then there will be an additional charge.
Web Statistics: Yes Uses Webalizer (www.webalizer.com)
Log File: Yes
Database: Yes 5 x mySQL, 5 x PostgresSQL.
Backup: Yes Weekly full and daily incremental backups.
FTP access: Yes
Front page extensions: Yes
Support: On-line information, e-mail, telephone or fax.
PHP: Yes 
Perl: Yes
Python: No
SSL: Yes shared SSL
SSI: Yes
ASP: Yes Although hosted on a Linux box, ASP is supported through the use of Chilli!Soft ASP.
Streaming Media: $ available as an extra.
Real Audio: $ available as an extra.

The information on this page is believed to be correct. If you find any errors or omissions please report these via e-mail to: feedback@cryer.co.uk.