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Windows Workflow Foundation.

WWF is a technology from Microsoft, first introduced as part of the .NET Framework version 3. WWF aims to assist in the production of server applications which are scalable.

When using WWF an application is expressed as a number of activities and a sequence. The activities define what will be done and the sequence defines the order in which those activities will be carried out. (The sequence may contain conditions and loops, as would be expected in any programming construct.) Each activity can be composed of a sequence of multiple activities. As the sequence is explicitly defined it should be straight forward for a developer to follow and logic of the application.

The workflow engine provides the logic for suspending the application when it is blocked and for managing state, allowing it to suspect the application when it is blocked or resume it when there is work to be done (such as after user input), either on the same machine or even on a different machine.

A workflow's state and control flow are typically described in XAML.

Windows Workflow Foundation is often abbreviated simply to WF.

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