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The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary

This "Unofficial Smiley Dictionary" is only one of many different collections by various "editors" you'll come across at many places on the Net, e.g. you can get "The-Smiley-File" from `'; and even a complete booklet has been written on smileys and is available as:

David W. Sanderson (ed.), "Smileys", O'Reilly & Associates,
Sebastopol, CA. 93 pages. ISBN 1-56592-041-4. Price $5.95 (US).

Basic Smileys

Widely used Smileys

Midget Smileys

A lot of these can be typed without noses to make midget smileys.

Mega Smileys

Usenet Smileys

In some Usenet articles you might also find these smileys which form a certain "dialect" developed and used in this most creative environment.

Emotional Smileys