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1. Fair Use Policy, or Fair Usage Policy.

A Fair Usage Policy is often used in environments where a single resource is shared amongst many users but the no explicit limits are otherwise given. A FUP allows a provider (for example hosting company or ISP) to introduce limits or impose restrictions when a problem is detected (or perceived) because of individual's usage patterns.

Examples of FUP include:

  • Broadband: unlimited downloads, fair usage policy applies. Broadband companies have been know to offer unlimited (or uncapped) downloads and close the accounts or reduce the download speeds of those downloading "excessive" amounts.
  • Web hosting: unlimited hosting space, fair usage policy applies. The FUP may limit the size or number of files which can be hosted.
  • Mobile phones: unlimited texts, fair usage policy applies. Typically a cap on the number of text messages which may be sent or withdrawing the service if a limit on the number of texts is regularly sent.

Whilst a Fair Usage Policy exists to ensure that a small number of individuals do not make use of excessive resources (perhaps adversely affecting others), a fair usage policy often seems to impose a limit on what a company might otherwise be promoting as unlimited.

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