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1. Data Processing. Data Processing is a generic term which includes any processing of data by a computer system.
2. Decimal Places. The number of decimal places in a numeric value or the number of decimal places to which a numeric value is displayed (depending on context). The number of decimal places is the number of digits shown after the decimal point.

For example consider the value PI (3.1415926535...):

Decimal Places
1dp  3.1
2dp  3.14
3dp  3.142
4dp  3.1416
5dp  3.14159
6dp  3.141593
7dp  3.1415927
8dp  3.14159265

It should be appreciated that the number of decimal places does not imply the method of rounding (rounding up, down or to the nearest). In the table above showing PI to various DP the value is rounded to the nearest.

3. Digital Photography. Photography (taking pictures) digitally, and storing them digitally.
4. Development Plan.
5. Dual Processor. A computer system which has two separate processors.

A dual processor system is not the same as a dual-core system, which might have a single dual-core processor. Dual Processor refers to the number of processors, not the number of cores.

6. Data Protection. DP can refer to either the Data Protection Act (DPA), or the normal process and/or procedures which may be in place to protect data.