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Advanced Graphics Port. Also known as an Accelerated Graphics Port. AGP is a graphics card interface for high performance graphics (faster than PCI).

AGP has been superseded by PCI Express.

Specification Denoted Notes
AGP x1
AGP x2
Supports 1x and 2x adapter cards. Uses a signal level of 3.3 volts. AGP 1.0 adapter cards have a different slot arrangement from AGP 2.0 (and later) and therefore an AGP 1.0 adapter card will not fit into an AGP 2.0 slot.
AGP 2.0 AGP x4 Supports 4x adapter cards, i.e. 4 times faster than the original AGP specification. Uses a signal level of 1.5 volts.
AGP 3.0 AGP x8 Supports 8x adapter cards. Uses a signal level of 0.8 volts. The slot for AGP 3.0 is identical to that for AGP 2.0. AGP 2.0 and AGP 3.0 cards and motherboards should be compatible with each other - but an AGP 8x card fitted to a motherboard that only supports AGP 4x will be forced to work at the slower 4x rate.

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