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.wsp file extension

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1. Web Site Publisher web site settings export file.

A .wsp file is a text editable, .ini style file. This file holds an export from Web Site Publisher of the configuration settings of a website, and is typically used when migrating configuration settings from one PC to another.

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2. Paint Shop Pro workspace file.
3. Workspace information file.

A .wsp file is used with 16 bit versions of the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.

4. Word Splash Pro file.

Word Splash Pro is a word search puzzle creator.

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5. Windows SharePoint Services solution file.

A .wsp file is a deployable, reusable package that contains a set of features, site definitions and assemblies for a SharePoint site.

The .wsp file format is the same as that of a .cab file. It is therefore a deployable file that can contain other files, such as site definitions and assemblies. To view the content of a .wsp file it may be more convenient to rename it as .cab.

6. Chromeleon workspace file.

The .wsp Chromeleon workspace file holds a previously saved window arrangement, i.e. which windows were open and where.

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  • www.dionex.com - Homepage of Dionex the company which provides Chromeleon.
7. Whisper 32 password file.

Whisper 32 is a password manager for Windows 95 and Windows NT. The .wsp file stores usernames, passwords and the service (i.e. application) that they are used with.

Whisper 32 no longer appears to be maintained.

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