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.ssf file extension

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ShowShifter File. A video file recorded by ShowShifter, an all-in-one media center for watching and record TV and radio, playing videos, viewing photos etc.

Each .ssf file is up to 632MB (647,168KB) in size. Should a recording go over this limit then a second file is created .ssf.00, then a third .ssf.01 and so on. Thus there may be a number of files generated for each recording. .ssf files can be converted to other popular formats (such as .mpg or .wmv) using tools built into ShowShifter.

Despite it being a market leader in TV/media software, the company that produced ShowShifter (Home Media Networks) went into liquidation in 2005. The rights to the software were purchased by another company with the intention of re-launching the software.

For more information see:

  • http://knowfirst.info/forums/showthread.php?p=42681 - Forum article providing some background on the ShowShifter product, its liquidation and takeover.
  • http://showshiftergroup.com - Original website from Home Media Networks, who went out of business. Some of the downloads still work, although (when last checked) it was no longer possible to buy ShowShifter from the site.
  • www.mediaphoenix.co.uk - Home page of the company (MediaPhoenix) that has purchased the ShowShifter software with the intention of continuing development and releasing the product again.

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