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.snk file extension

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Strong Name Key file.

A .snk file may also be known as a "Visual Studio Strong Name Key File".

A .snk file is used to apply a strong name to a .NET assembly. It is used for signing the .NET assemblies in order to be ble to add them to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

The Microsoft MSDN says (quote):

A strong name consists of the assembly's identity—its simple text name, version number, and culture information (if provided)—plus a public key and a digital signature. It is generated from an assembly file (the file that contains the assembly manifest, which in turn contains the names and hashes of all the files that make up the assembly), using the corresponding private key. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and other development tools provided in the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) can assign strong names to an assembly. Assemblies with the same strong name are expected to be identical.

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