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.plist file extension

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1. Property list file. A file that contains serialized objects, typically on Max OS, NextStep or GNUstep programming frameworks. These are known as "property list" files because a serialised file is typically a list of properties.

The .plist files themselves are ASCII files and were designed to be human readable. The contents of a .plist file can be viewed and edited using a simple text editor.

Do not confuse .plist property list files with .plist preference files - both property lists and preference files use the same file extension and serve similar roles but the internal file formats are different. Preference files use XML whereas property lists are plain ASCII.

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2. Preference file. A XML based file format used by Mac OS X. A .plist (preference) file contains a objects serialised as XML. As the files are XML their contents can be viewed using a text editor, but may not be very intuitive.

Mac OS X also supports .plist property list files, but considers that file format obsolete and superceeded by the preference .plist file format - both formats using the same file extension.

Preference files are typically named after the application that created or uses them, so ApplicationName.plist but this only a convention.

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3. Handbrake Presets file. Handbrake is a video transcoder (it allows video to be recoded - to different formats and different sizes).

Each .plist file contains "presets" for use by HandBrake. Each preset file contains a set of settings, which can be loaded into HandBrake. The HandBrake interface always shows the list of available presets.

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