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.pde file extension

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1. PowerDesk encrypted file or folder. PowerDesk is a desktop utility for Windows, which provides similar features to Windows Explorer but with various added enhancements. PowerDesk provides the capability to encrypt (or decrypt) files and folders, when a file or folder is encrypted it produces a .pde file.

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2. Principalm Data Export file. Also known as a Principalm student information extract file.

Principalm is an iPhone application for managing student and and staff data. Holding this information on an iPhone allows for this information to be instantly available.

A .pde file is a data export file. The data is held in an encrypted form.

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3. Processing Development Environment sketchbook file. Each .pde file represents a sketch and created using Processing, an open source programming language and environment for the creation of iamges, animatinos and interactions.

Each .pde file is named after the folder in which it is created. So if the folder is called "sketch" then the .pde file will be "sketch.pde". There may be other files associated with the .pde file located in the same folder.

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4. Pathology Data Exchange file.

Possibly an obsolete file format.

5. Arduino script file. A .pde file is an Arduino script file, it is a text file containing C++ code.

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform.

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