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.orf file extension

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1. Olympus Raw File. A digital image file from an Olympus camera, which includes both the image and other information recorded at the time of taking the photo (such as the date, colour balance, exposure). The file is known as a raw file because the file content is as the image data was stored internally in the camera without any processing or conversion to a more standard image format (such as jpeg).

The format of .orf files can vary between Olymus cameras, so when working with .orf files it is important to use the software supplied with the camera on which the image was taken. This may simply reflect that the .orf file format has been updated over time to allow it to take account of newer features (but this is speculation).

cf .raw, which is a file extension performing a similar function but used by other camera manufacturers.

For more information see:

  • www.rawtherapee.com - Site for RawTherapee which is a free RAW converter and digital photo processing software package.
2. Descent 3 Outrage Room Format file. A file used by the game Descent 3. A .orf file describes one room, as a collection of faces defined by a number of 3D vectors.

For more information see:

3. Override Rules File. A file that contains a set of override rules for road congestion, which can be used when generating a travel time isochrone. Used by the "Travel Time Boundaries" product from ACTIVE Solutions.

The file is a proprietary binary file.

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