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.lst file extension

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1. Listing file, or Output Listing file. An ASCII text file which can be viewed using a standard text editor (such as notepad). This is a generic file extension, and files of this type can be generated from a number of different applications. A .lst file can in many ways be treated and opened as though it were a .txt file.

Note: the file extension .lst is sometimes confused with .1st ("1" instead of "L") because in some fonts the two look similar.

2. Microsoft Visual FoxPro document wizard list file.
3. AlcaTech playlist file. AlaTech BPM-Studio when started in auto-play mode will look for a playlist file called "auto.lst", which defines what is to be played.

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4. Kaspersky black-list key file. A list of blacklisted key files. These are files which are always to be included in a (virus) scan.

The file is a plain text file. Each object in the file is listed on a separate line, using relative or absolute paths. Paths that include spaces must be quoted.

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5. PowerPoint play list file. A play list file which specifies a sequence of power point presentations that the PowerPoitn viewer should run through.

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6. SAS output listing file.

SAS is Statistical Analysis System.

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