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.locky file extension

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1. File encrypted by Locky ransomware.

A .locky file may be a file that has been encrypted by Locky virus ransomware. The malware encrypts files (taking steps to hide that they have been encrypted until all files have been encrypted), and then notifies the user that they need to pay a ransom in order to get their files back.

If you have files with the .locky file extension then the machine has probably been compromised and you should switch it off and seek professional help. It is unlikely that you will be able to recover the encrypted files and you will most likely need to wipe the machine and resort to a backup. Do not be tempted to pay a ransom because the machine will remain compromised and you will only be encouraging the perpetrators behind the crime to continue trying to extort others.

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2. File encrypted with AutoLocky ransomware

A .locky file may be a file encrypted with AutoLocky ransomware. AutoLocky is very similar to the Locky ransomware, in that it encrypts file and then tries to extort a ransom.

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