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.info file extension

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1. Drupal theme information file.

Drupal (a popular CMS system), stores site theme information in .info files. These .info files are text editable files and have a very similar syntax to .ini files.

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2. Network Install Manager configuration information file. Also known simply as a niminfo file.

Network Install Manager (NIM), a utility which runs under AIX (a flavour of Unix), stores configuration information in a .info file. The .info file contains a series of Korn shell variable assignments used by NIM. The .info file is created by NIM for each client and is used during network boot to control processing.

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3. Texinfo formatted document file.

A .info file is a GNU Texinfo file formatted so that the Info documentation reading program can operate on it. Info files are divided into sections known as nodes each of which contains the discussion on a single topic. Each node has a name and contains both text for the user and references to other nodes. The Info program displays one node at a time, allowing the user to browse between nodes.

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4. ZoomBrowser image catalogue file.

ZoomBrowser is a PC based application for browsing through images and for organising and editing images. On the Mac it is known as ImageBrowser. So a .info file on a Mac would be an ImageBrowser file. Both ZoomBrowser and ImageBrowser are otherwise the same product. ZoomBrowser is often distributed with Canon cameras.

ZoomBrowser creates a single file called ZBThumbnail.info which contains information about thumbnail images. This file is normally hidden, so most users are not aware of its existance.

The ZBThumbnail.info file can be deleted as it will be recreated automatically the next time ZoomBrowser is launched (although this will slow down ZoomBrowser slightly).

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