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.ics file extension

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1. Calendar data exchange file. Typically associated with Microsoft Outlook, and referred to as an iCalendar file. This file contains a calendar appointment and is used to publish and share calendar appointments.

These files appear as meeting invitations when generated and sent from Outlook to another PC that is also running Outlook.

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2. SwiftView command file. A plain text file (which can therefore be opened and viewed using any text editor), which begins with the letters "ICS" on the top line and which contains a series of ICS commands.

SwiftView recommend the use of the alternative file suffix ".zhp" for use with ICS files to avoid confusion with Microsoft Outlook iCalendar files.

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3. IronCAD Scene file. IronCAD is a 3D design solution.

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4. Isochrone save file. This is a binary file generated by "Travel Time Boundaries" from ACTIVE Solutions. It contains the complete definition of a travel time isochrone. The file contains a list of roads used to create the isochrone, the walk time boundary around the isochrone, together with track back information allowing a route from any point inside the isochrone to be to traced to the origin.

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  • www.activesol.co.uk - Home page for ACTIVE Solutions Europe Ltd, the developers of Travel Time Boundaries.

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