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.ctx file extension

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1. Visual Basic Control file. .ctx files are binary files. They contain binary information (such as bitmaps, if any) that accompany a Visual Basic component.

There will be a corresponding .ctl file which contains the visual basic source code for the component. When the .ctx and .ctl files are compiled they are used to create a single .ocx file.

.ctx files were used by Visual Basic up to (and including) Visual Basic 6.

2. Ciphertext file.

A .ctx file is an encrypted text file, encrypted by PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

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3. Creativyst Table Exchange format file. A CTX file is a data exchange file. CTX files are used as a format to export table data on one system so it can be imported on another system (fulfilling a similar role to that of .csv or .xml files).

The specification document (see links below) describes CTX files are:

"... CTX a simple, shared, low-overhead exchange format. It can be used for simple tasks, such as exchanging rows of a single table without header information, up to more complex tasks, like exchanging multiple tables, long with their field names, types and comments. It will also facilitate the exchange of complex hierarchical data structures.

"CTX is a more precisely defined and functional alternative to CSV, and a lower overhead alternative to many applications of XML. ..."

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4. CyberTracker eXport file. CyberTracker uses .CTX files as a data exchange file. CyberTracker allows data to be exported on one system as a .cbx file which can then be imported on another system.

The CyberTracker website describes .ctx files as:

"... A CTX file contains all the same information as your database, but is compressed and optimized for backups or sending to others via email. Within your database, click on File, Export... You can specify the date range of data you wish to send, in case you don't want to send all data at once. ..."

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5. Text file. File format used by the "Calculator Client Sample" application from Microsoft, which is a demonstration sample application only.  This application used a text file called "Client.ctx" to store context information.

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6. Terminal Server .ini file backup.

When a user logs on to Windows Terminal Server, Terminal Server compares the .ini files in %SystemRoot% with the .ini files in the user's home Windows directory. If any .ini files in %SystemRoot% are newer than those in the user's home Windows directory then these are either overwritten or updated. The previous version of the .ini file is renamed to .ctx, allowing the previous version to be recovered if necessary.

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