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.chunk001 file extension

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A .chunk001 file is the first part of a File Splitter split file. This is an output file from "File Splitter", a utility for splitting large files into smaller files which are then suitable for transfer via floppy, cd, usb, email etc. The full set of files can then be used by File Splitter to reconstruct the original file.

Each of these smaller files are known as "chunks". The second chunk in the sequence will have the file extension .chunk002, the third .chunk003 and so on. Whilst there are normally two or more chunks, the File Splitter application allows a small file to produce one chunk. The total number of chunks generated depends on the size of the original file and the size of chunk setting used when File Splitter converted the file to chunks.

The base file name (with the .chunk001 extension removed) is the name of the original file. So for example, "accounts.mdb.chunk001" would be the first chunk generated from the file "accounts.mdb".

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