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Web Site Publisher

Release History

Web Site Publisher is an intelligent FTP tool for publishing a web site to the web.

Release history - or what has changed and what has been added for each release:

June 2012 - version 2.3.0 build 2725

Minor update:

May 2011 - version 2.2.0 build 2697

Minor update:

December 2010 - version 2.1.5 build 2652

Minor update:

Version 2.1.4 was a private beta, not formally released. It incorporated the following changes:

July 2010 - version 2.1.3 build 2617

Minor update:

Version 2.1.2 was a private beta, not formally released. It incorporated the following changes:

October 2009 - version 2.1.1 build 2552

Minor update:

December 2008 - version 2.1.0 build 2535

Minor update:

October 2008 - version 2.0.5 build 2496

Minor update:

May 2008 - version 2.0.4 build 2471

Minor update:

April 2008 - version 2.0.3 build 2465

New features of this release:

Earlier versions of Web Site Publisher incorporated an expiry date (as a simple means to encourage users to upgrade to the latest version). All versions prior to v2.0.3 will have expired, and the release history of those expired versions is available here.

All versions of Web Site Publisher provide a fast a speedy way of uploading changes to your website from your local PC to your web-server. It can be used with any type of website. It is used to update this website. It is used by hobbyists and professionals alike, for family history sites, technical sites, news sites and many more. In fact your can use Web Site Publisher to upload any type of website.