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FAQ: Will Web Site Publisher always be free?

It has always been the intention that Web Site Publisher be free and that it remain so.

Whilst this intention has not changed, it is recognised that there are development and hosting costs associated with Web Site Publisher and that these costs have to be covered. Because of this it is possible that at some future point some of the advanced features of Web Site Publisher (such as the ability to filter out files and folders) may become premium features that will only be available after payment of a license fee. Any features that may become premium features (but which are currently free) will be clearly marked on the interface.

Since most websites do not require the use of the advanced features provided by Web Site Publisher, for the majority of websites the use of Web Site Publisher will always remain free.

Any donations towards the continued development of Web Site Publisher will postpone this decision, perhaps indefinitely.

Should Web Site Publisher's advanced features become licensed, free licenses will be made available to any who have have previously made a contribution.

For the majority of users Web Site Publisher will always remain free to use.