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FAQ: What's my FTP Address?

In order to put your pages up on the web, you need a web-host. Most ISPs (i.e. the company that provides you with your internet connection) will provide you with web-space. Alternately you can buy web-hosting from a number of different companies. FTP is the standard method used to copy files from your local pc up to the website.

You will be able to find your FTP details from whoever is providing your web-space. If you are using the web space provided by your ISP then the FTP address details are probably buried on the ISP's website somewhere. You may have to dig for it, since it is not always obvious. If you have paid for hosting then the FTP details would normally be on an email that the hosting company will have sent you.

If you can't find the necessary FTP details then if you email a polite request to support@cryer.co.uk including the name of your hosting company (i.e. if its your ISP then the name and/or website of your ISP or if its a company the website of the company) then we may be able to identify the FTP address for you. We will not be able to provide username and password details since these will have been provided by your ISP/host and we won't have access to these. Please remember that this is a service we provide only to users of Web Site Publisher.

If you have not already sorted out hosting then a list of hosting suggestions can be found here: Web Site Hosting, alternately there are a large number of hosting companies available.