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FAQ: Can I help support the future development of Web Site Publisher?

There are three ways in which you can support the development of Web Site Publisher:

  1. Put a link to Web Site Publisher on your web site. Suggestions for linking can be found here, but any link would be appreciated. How does this help? It helps in two ways. Firstly it helps to make more people aware of Web Site Publisher. Secondly it may help visitor numbers to the www.cryer.co.uk website. Development of Web Site Publisher is done by the developer on a good-will, part-time basis and it is hoped that advertisement revenue may eventually help subsidize its future development and thus allow more frequent updates.
  2. Drop us an email telling us what you like (or dislike) about Web Site Publisher. Many of the enhancements to Web Site Publisher have been made in response to specific requests, and its always nice to know people's experiences with the tool.
  3. Consider making a donation towards the continued development of Web Site Publisher. Contributions are always very welcome - even the smallest amount helps.