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FAQ: How can I tell Web Site Publisher to ignore a particular folder?

With Web Site Publisher, from version 1.6, you can specify that some folders are to be ignored.

To configure a folder to be ignored (so never overwritten or deleted when a website is published):

  1. You must be using Web Site Publisher version 1.6 (or later).
  2. In Web Site Publisher, double click on the website to bring up its properties.
  3. Select the tab "Folders". This is where you can tell WSP to ignore or delete specific folders.
  4. Enter into the list under the title "Folder" the name of the folder that you want left. You could for example use "*.txt" to exclude all text files, but if it is a single file you want preserved then just enter its name.

    You can use wildcards if you want, so "private" would specify a folder called "private" but "private\*" would ignore any folders under "private" (but not the folder "private").

    From Web Site Publisher 2.3.0 you can specify the full of the folder. So if you wanted to specify that a particular folder was to be ignored but not other folders with the same name then you can do so by specifying the path to it. For example:

    Would refer to the folder "logs" wherever it may be found on the websiite.
    Would refer to the folder "logs" in the root (or top most directory) of the website.
    Would refer to the folder "logs" in the folder "private" off the root of your website.
  5. Under the title "On Server" select "Ignore". The option "Delete" would tell WSP to delete the folder whereas "Ignore" tells WSP to ignore the folder - ignoring means that it won't copy anything into the folder or delete anything out from it.
  6. Click [Save]