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Known issues ...

Further troubleshooting notes will be added as problems or issues are identified.

Despacing is removing spaces from pre-formatted text

When removing unnecessary space from a file, spaces in pre-formatted sections of the document are also removed. This can affect the visual layout. These spaces should not be removed.

Versions affected


Cause and Resolution

This is an identified bug in version 1.0. It was fixed in version 1.1.

Help! Something is wrong - where can I get help on Web Page Tune Up?

Since Web Site Tune Up is free, it does not come with any support. However if you have looked over these troubleshooting notes and consulted the FAQ and still cannot find an answer to your question then the author can be e-mailed care of support@cryer.co.uk.  Please include a description of the problem and state which version of Web Page Tune Up you are using. Remember: By reporting a problem you are helping to make the tool better for everyone.