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Web Page Tune Up

Release History

Web Page Tune Up is a tool for analysing and improving an individual web page. Release history:

Release Date Version Expires Release Notes
January 2007 1.5.1
build 412
never Bug fix: Expiry date restriction had been removed but the save function was disabled as if it had expired.
December 2006 1.5
build 409
never Expiry date restriction removed.
March 2005 1.4
build 370
31 December 2006
Minor enhancements:
  • A question mark ('?') is no longer considered part of a candidate keyword.
  • Bug fix: With version 1.3 (only) removing all the keywords could cause the application to lock up.
November 2004 1.3
build 358
31 December 2006  Minor enhancements:
  • Page ranking logic revised.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
November 2004 1.2
build 236
31 November 2004 Minor enhancements:
  • Now works with files with embedded PHP scripts.
  • New installer - reducing the size of the download by about a third.
January 2003 1.1
build 193
31 November 2003 Enhancements:
  • Incorporation of a dead-word list. These are common words that would be excluded from the list of eligible keywords. (This list isn't editable in the current release.)

  • Interface changed to be toolbar based rather than button based.

  • Bug fix: HTML compression would incorrectly remove spaces from pre-formatted paragraphs.

November 2002 1.0 No expiry date Tool renamed 'Web Page Tune Up' (from HtmlTuneUpLite) to be more in keeping with the naming convention of the other tools available from this site.

Whilst the tool has been available for download from this site for over two years, no formal version number was maintained, hence the re-versioning at version 1.0.