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Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are currently available:

I have a suggestion for an improvement how can I pass it on?

Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. These should be e-mailed to suggestions@cryer.co.uk.

Help! Something is wrong - where can I get help on Web Page Tune Up?

Please start by consulting the troubleshooting notes.

How can I tell which version I am using?

When the tool is running, select "About" from the "Help" menu. This will clearly show the version and its expiry date.

Why does Web Page Tune Up have an expiry date?

Earlier versions of Web Page Tune-UP had an expiry date. Since the site does not maintain a list of users or any other form of mailing list, there is no mechanism for letting users know when newer versions of the tool become available. Newer versions will incorporate new functionality and bug fixes. The tool therefore has an expiry date because this is a simple way of ensuring that you will (eventually) download newer versions of the tool.

As of December 2006 the expiry date has been removed. Web Page Tune Up will therefore no longer expire and there will be no requirement to download newer vesions.